Release Notes

Latest release
Mon, Sep 27 2021
  1. Form alert emails may now be set to be sent upon approval instead of completion, allowing you to limit your alerts to only approved forms.

Thu, Aug 26 2021
  1. You may now view the balances of all Resident Accounts when creating new incomes in addition to deductions that will be removed from that deduction. Previously, only the checking account balance was available on when creating incomes in the Accounting module.

Mon, Jul 26 2021
  1. You may now use column sorting when viewing the "My Caseload" and "My Clinical Load" pages.
  2. A Staff Activation History table has been added to SecurManage to record the dates of new staff activation.
  3. You may now view the balances of all Resident Accounts when creating new incomes in addition to deductions that will be removed from that deduction. Previously, only the checking account balance was available on when creating incomes in the Accounting module.
  4. Max per day calculations will now be calculated and displayed in the income deductions preview when entering a resident's income in the Accounting Module.

Tue, Jun 22 2021
  1. Signatures may now be added to Kiosk Forms, allowing residents to add signatures to requests, etc. from an enabled device.
  2. Staff passwords will now be Encrypted in the database, adding an additonal layer of security to protect our users as well as key facility and resident data.
  3. Create inputs for numerical record of substance levels in positive UAs, Prescription Checkboxes for UA Positive Resident Logs to indicate whether positve test results correspond to a restriction.

Sat, Apr 24 2021
  1. Forms will now be capable of chaining dropdowns together, meaning the input of one form will affect the available dropdown options for the following dropdown. 
  2. Form questions will now be prefilled from pre-existing facility forms, saving the user time by eliminating redundant data entry.
  3. Google Chrome running in the Chrome Browser will now interface with fingerprint device drivers allowing Fingerprint users to use google chrome.
  4. Restrictions are now able to start at a future date and time, allowing greater flexiblity for the user when assigning restrictions.
  5. Additional fields added to "Add New Resident" to match the fields available in R3M.

Wed, Mar 31 2021
  1. Expanded the Search Report Controller
  2. Add Close Out Date to Search/Stays/Add?? New Res
  3. Tasks are now displayed as Dashboard Alert, they can be clicked on to navigate directly to the page where the task is completed.
  4. Add Datasheet and Demographic History to SM;
  5. Only delete schedules after when deleting recurring schedules
  6. There now multiple resident log types corresponding to each task type. For example, UAs may now be recorded as "Positive UA" or "Negative UA" in the resident log for quicker access to information.
  7. The TopNav has been updated allowing for greater functionality and ease of use, including custom SecurManage Now component. Several unused, obsolete pages have been removed making the interface more user friendly.
  8. Reports created in PDF formats may now be sent as custom emails.
  9. The "Current Restrictions" report has been replaced with a more functional version.


Tue, Jan 26 2021
  1. XLSX and DOCX exporters have been added, allowing data exports in these formats. 

Mon, Dec 14 2020
  1. "Date Created" and "Date Edited" Fields have been added to "Add Income" to increase user accountability.
  2. File uploads may now be editted, allowing users to change file types and other organizational information.
  3. Restrict basic search to only show residents in allowed Program Types.
  4. A disable button has been to "Management -> User Admin", this feature will allow admin users to deactivate inactive staff. Logins will now be blocked when users are disabled, increasing database security for staff, facility, and resident data.

Thu, Apr 30 2020

1. Multiple clients may now be removed from activities at once. Activities may be edited, and attendees can be added or removed in "Scheduling -> Activities"

Fri, Apr 24 2020

Welcome to the New SecurManage website! 

We’re excited to launch this new website as well as update you all on the features we’ve been adding to SecurManage since the site has been revamped!

This post relates to our newest installment of SecurManage – SM – but you’ll also see entries below for other recent releases and their features.  Like all release notes, this only lists the features we believe to be the most impactful for all of you.  Minor bug fixes or customer-specific development has not been added.  If you have any questions, or would like further explanation on any of these features, please reach out directly to Greg or to the support team, and we’ll get your questions answers as soon as possible.  Enjoy!

  1. Kiosk Schedule-request changes: Two new functions have been added related to requesting schedules on the SecurManage Kiosk.  First, all fields will now be required on the request page.  Second, the scheduling page will now display the schedule/location details in the same way it displays when utilizing the Scheduling >> Add Schedule page. 
  2. Delete All Future Activities on Closeout – The database will now remove residents from their assigned activities when they are closed out of SecurManage, and open their spot for another resident to attend.  This applies only to Scheduling >> Activities, and not Scheduling >> Add Schedules. 
  3. Hide Phase in TopNav – If the Phase module is not being utilized it can now be completely hidden in the display of your Top Navigation. 
  4. Counting Days on CN/SP Dashboard Alerts – The Case Note and Supervision Plan Exception alerts on your dashboard will now keep a running count of how many days it’s been since an entry was made rather than continuing to display the number of days on which the alert-threshold is triggered.
  5. Add number sections on Employer listing – A new section of numerical options will now accompany the listing of alphabetized employers in your Scheduling >> Employment page.

Mon, Apr 20 2020
  1. Add “Print All Contacts” built-in report – The Intake >> Other Contacts page will now contain a new “Print all Contacts” report which will generate a report that collects all the name and contact information for every contact listed in a resident’s Other Contacts, Emergency Information, and Visitors pages.  
  2. Add County to Other Contacts – An option to enter a County for contacts being added to the Intake >> Other Contacts page.  This is most useful for contacts such as Judges, Parole/Probation officers, etc.
  3. Add column sorting to Accounts pages – The Accounts summary pages will now also include the same column-sorting function as other SecurManage summary screens.
  4. Base Dash Forms Exceptions on Completed Forms – Alerts present on the Dashboard >> Forms Exceptions box will now be based off of those forms not simply being started and saved, but rather being “Marked as Complete” in the form.  This was added to be sure that forms exceptions are not being removed just because a user has begun that form and saved their work as opposed to actually completing the document. 
  5. Show Days Since Last Form on Forms Exception – The Dashboard alerts will now also keep a running count of how many days it has been since a form has been added rather than continuing to display the number of days on which the alert threshold is triggered.
  6. Add View Details Button To Kiosk Request Status – Residents using the SecurManage Kiosk will now be able to select a new “View Details” button if they would like to review the details of any pending requests they’ve submitted.
  7. Add Month/Year selections to Monthly View, Kiosk and CM Calendars – These pages will now all include an option to select the month and year a user would like to view rather than having them toggle through the months click-by-click. 
  8. Launch Add New Schedules from Monthly View – Users will now be able to launch the “Add New Schedules” page directly from the Scheduling >> Monthly View page.
  9. Add Copy Last to Top of Forms – Forms which have been requested to include a “Copy Last Form” option will now display that option at both the top and bottom of the form in question.
  10. Kiosk Forms – Organizations using the SecurManage Kiosk will now have the ability to assign a form to a resident directly so that they can complete the form in their Kiosk screen.  These forms are assigned from the new Case Management >> Kiosk Forms page.
  11. Direct-to-page Dashboard alert changes – When a Dashboard alert appears on your screen you’ll now be navigated to both the resident’s profile as well as the appropriate page to address the Dashboard alert with a single click.
  12. Dashboard Announcements – A new user role has been added under the Management tab called “Announcements” which allows designated users to post a message to the Dashboard screen.  This will facilitate your organization being able to add messages to the Dashboard screen that are separate from the current Messages box (which is reserved for messages to your users from SecurManage).

Sun, Apr 19 2020
  1. Hide Income Types by Role – Users can now adjust which staff members have access to certain types of income entries.
  2. Add Industry to Employer –Previously, an industry could only be selected within the employment information of a specific resident.  Now, employers can as a whole be classified as belonging to a specific industry as well.  (Example of why someone might want both: A resident works for a landscaping company, but the job itself is a data-entry position in the administrative offices)
  3. Add employment info to My Caseload – The Case Management >> My Caseload page can now display an additional column which includes the residents’ employment status. 

Sat, Apr 18 2020
  1. Allow dates only for Session Times on Case Notes – If desired, users can choose to require only session dates rather than session dates and times on the Case Management >> Case Notes page
  2. Display CM name on requests page as well as add column sortability – The Case Management >> Requests page will now include the name of the resident’s assigned case manager, and the same column-sortability of other SecurManage summary screens has been added as well.   
  3. Require DOCNum on Add New Resident – Users can now choose to require the DOC number field on the Intake >> Add New Resident page if they’d like to.
  4. Don't Allow Treatment Note Session Time Overlaps – Customers are able to reject/disallow clinical treatment notes which have session times that overlap with previously entered note’s session times.
  5. Hide Restriction Types by Role – Users can now adjust which staff members have access to certain types of restrictions.
  6. Sort Max Date Alert by Max Date – The dashboard “Max Date Exceptions” alert has been re-sorted to display by the anticipated max date rather than the resident name.

Fri, Apr 17 2020
  1. Create New Offenses Forms Based page – Many users don’t utilize all of the fields within Intake >> Sentencing.  The addition of the new “offenses” page, and it’s nature as a forms-based page, allows customers to add their own custom-developed form to the page and capture their required data without the additional, unnecessary fields.
  2. Emailing Forms on Completion – Customers can now commission custom-developed reports to be automatically emailed based on the completion of a custom form which already exists in their database.
  3. New My Therapists Page - Users working in the Clinical tab rather than the Case Management tab will now have a “My Therapists” page which replicates the “My Case Managers” page in the CM tab. 

Thu, Apr 16 2020
  1. Show Request Time (in addition to date) on Request Approval – Display both the date and time of a kiosk request rather than the date alone. 
  2. My Clinical Load Page – Users working in the Clinical tab rather than the Case Management tab will now have a “My Clinical Load” page which replicates the “My Caseload” page in the CM tab. 
  3. Addition of weekly and daily display buttons on the CM Calendar – Users can now look at their CM calendar page with weekly and daily display options available.
  4. Add File uploads to income – Allows users to attach scanned files to income entries in the accounts module. 

Wed, Apr 15 2020
  1. Add Buttons to Top of Medication Summary – Beneficial for users whose residents have long lists of medications.  The buttons will now be on the bottom and top of the page.
  2. Allow Schedules to be Approved Until Schedule End Time – Previously users were only able to approve a schedule until the scheduled start time.  Now, if needed, schedules can be approved all the way through their scheduled end-time.
  3. Do Not Allow Future Session Times in Case/Clinical Notes – This enhancement restricts users from being able to enter case/treatment notes session times into the future.