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What is SecurManage™?

SecurManage™ is a web-based software application that provides everything staff need to manage a variety of organizational structures, including Residential Community Release Facilities, Day Reporting Centers, Secure Prisons and Jails, Juvenile Detention Centers, Therapeutic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Work Release Facilities, and more. We are present across the country in facilities of all sizes, regardless of classification as Federal BOP, State DOC, or Municipal Programs.

Our application tracks and manages all aspects of a resident’s stay in your facility, and has been designed to monitor them completely from the time of their acceptance and entry into the facility throughout their release. Their entire client profile, including pre-trial and sentencing information, parole and home confinement details, fines and court costs, case management and risk assessments, and more, is a part of an organized and reportable online database.

What can SecurManage™ do for you?

Have you ever lost track of a resident’s location? Or how about missing documentation for a case note? Have you ever let a UA or vehicle search slip through the cracks, or let anyone leave the facility for a pass when they were only supposed to leave for work? With SecurManage™ these missteps are a thing of the past. Our software tells you who can go and who should stay based on any movement restrictions you’ve created. It has built in accountability-assistance for things like UAs and other searches with features. Dashboard alerts let Case Managers and their supervisor know when a new case note or IPP update is due. All of these features and many more are specifically designed to keep you on top of your contractual obligations.


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