Our Story

SecurManage™ got its start back in 2004, with it’s main focus being resident accountability in community-corrections facilities. Since that point we have expanded into other facets of corrections including: Secure facilities, therapeutic drug and alcohol programs, juvenile programs, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Marshal’s facilities and more. We’ve also greatly expanded the functionality of our software to not only address resident accountability, but also: resident trust accounting, case management and clinical services, billing and invoice generation, standards-compliance, scheduling and movements, and much more.

Our goal is to continuously expand our clientele and the services we provide, and to stay ahead of the curve with regard to new contract requirements, software functionality, and reporting.

Our Philosophy

At SecurManage™ we’re all about providing the best possible solutions for our clients at the best possible rate. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for products that aren’t easy to use and don’t give you what you need? We pride ourselves on providing a high quality software application with an easy-to-navigate user interface that has been proven effective in centers all across the country. Schedule a demo of our software today, and we guarantee you’ll see why SecurManage™ is the most powerful tool in corrections management.

High quality software

Competitive pricing

Represented in 35+ states

Focused on results

Security is paramount